Formerly an old concrete block manufacturing plant, the Iron Bridge Office Campus site is is now 23 acres of meticulously manicured landscape fronting 1600 square feet of riverfront along the eastern bank of the Spokane River. The developers of Iron Bridge Office Campus intended to build something more than just office buildings and parking lots; they built an almost park-like atmosphere where tenants could admire the natural surroundings of the campus on a daily basis.

When the historical iron bridge was resurfaced in 2012, it connected the Iron Bridge Office Campus to the Centennial Trail. Tenants can enjoy lunch time walks to Gonzaga University and the University District, as well as easy access to downtown shopping and restaurants.

The Spokane River at Iron Bridge Office Campus is accessible for canoeing and kayaking as well as bird watching. A pair of ospreys nests in the trees, rearing their young every spring on the Iron Bridge Office Campus; Bald Eagles, Canadian geese, ducks, pheasant and quail are also residents or frequent visitors. Yellow-bellied marmots inhabit the river bank, along with raccoons, beavers, and other small mammals. What was once an east downtown eyesore, now bustles with new life amongst manicured gardens and lush green lawns, bursting with spring time color.

Future development of Iron Bridge Office Campus includes plans to develop Iron Bridge Buildings IV and V, which will have an outdoor fountain plaza and café with an outdoor patio, where tenants can sit outside, soak up the sun and enjoy their noon time meal. Construction on these new sites is set to commence in 2015. Osprey Photo ©DrFumblefinger