June, 2014

Project Name: Iron Bridge Building IV
Address: 731 N. Iron Bridge Way, Spokane, WA 99202

Scope of Project:

  1. Design and construct a three-story concrete tilt-up, brick faced and glass, office building of approximately 89,000 gross square feet, similar to the three previous office buildings built new on the campus from 2003 to 2008 (Buildings I, II, and III). This building will be constructed with higher 16' floor-to-floor elevations, a large mechanical penthouse and heavier rated floor construction to accommodate equipment for a medical reference lab facility.
  2. Provide a sky bridge connection from the second floor of the proposed building to the third floor of the adjacent parking garage located just to the south of building IV.
  3. Building will be sited to align parallel with the adjacent Spokane River and intervening trail with north end of the building centered on the historic iron bridge trail connecting to the Centennial Trail on the opposite side of the river.
  4. A central atrium, which consists of a breezeway at ground floor and glassed in office space on second and third floors will open to a central plaza and fountain area which connect to the trail and bridge to the University District on the west side of the river.
  5. The fountain will be a focal point and interpretive center with Native American theme to satisfy conditions of the Final Binding Site Plan approved for this site by the City of Spokane, which requires a public feature and access to the river.
  6. Approximately 350 car parks will be provided in the adjacent parking garage on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors and approximately 100 more will be provided on the surface lot to the east side of the building.
  7. A truck dock with one self-leveling dock will be included at the southwest corner of the building with access off the cul-de-sac at the north end of Iron Court.
  8. Includes a campus maintenance office in the south end of the first floor; a restaurant (serving breakfast and lunch) at atrium area on the north end of the first floor.
  9. Structural enhancements in amount of approximately $2MM and included in contractors bid, are provided in lieu of a tenant improvement allowance to tenant (see specifics below).
  10. Rough in plumbing and drains sufficient to expand projected use as required by tenant.
  11. Natural gas, electrical, water and sewer connections to building core.
  12. Pad and screening for a tenant provided back up electrical generator at south end of building including connection to an automatic transfer switch (ATS) and 480V/3/60 service of 3,000 amps to the building by Avista.
  13. 1st floor to be 8" concrete on grade; 2nd and 3rd floors to be 6" concrete over steel deck, providing floor loads of minimum 125 PSF vs. standard of 60 psf.
  14. Steel framing to be wide flange steel beams and columns instead of standard open truss steel construction with round columns.
  15. A concrete over steel roof deck of 150 psf to be constructed for mechanical penthouse area in place of standard steel roof truss and deck system.
  16. A mechanical penthouse 170'X44'X15' to house all mechanical and HVAC equipment will be included and finished to match the building exterior construction.
  17. Rough in fire suppression sprinkler system main and branch lines only. Tenant to complete terminations and finishes.
  18. Install three hydraulic elevators; two people with three stops and one freight with four stops.
  19. Install all glass entrances, store fronts and window systems.
  20. Single membrane EPDM roof system over 6" rigid foam (R-53) on steel deck and truss with snow load minimum of 30 psf.